SAIL YACHT #2 – YACHT CHARTER SF | The Beneteau Oceanis 41 SAN FRANCISCO YACHT | SAILING YACHT | YACHT CHARTER Co | SAN FRANCISCO YACHT | PIER 39 | | SAILING YACHTFrom bow to stern, the Oceanis 41 has been carefully designed to appeal to a wide range of boaters. And, like most Beneteau sailboats, she has been designed for easy sail handling by a couple or even single-handed. By offering a layout option with three cabins and two heads she should appeal to families, couples, singles and even to entrepreneurs who want to put a boat into the charter trade.
    The Beneteau Oceanis 41 is available with three different interior layouts, one of which has three cabins and two private heads. She also comes in both deep-draft and shoal-draft versions. Like many of Beneteau’s sailboats, twin wheels are standard and note in the image above the high arch for the mainsheet blocks which keeps the boom over 7′ (2.13 m) off the cockpit deck. She is powered by a 40-hp diesel and the Beneteau-exclusive “Dock & Go” joystick is optional.

    This is about as far as the Oceanis 41 ever heels when properly sailed. The arrow points to the crease that starts far forward and is carried to her stern.

    Oceanis 41 Overview


    On deck the maximum beam of the Oceanis 41 practically extends from midship to stern. This design allows the 41 to have a huge cockpit and also two good-sized cabins in the stern quarters as well as an engine room and a head.

    Beneteau Oceanis 41

    Cutter Rig. Her sloop rig has the mast moved aft in what Americans call a “cutter rig.” This means that her mast is nearly in the middle of the fore and aft plane of the boat. There are several advantages to this rig:

    1) It makes it easy to balance the sail plan and, indeed, the main sail is 449 sq. ft. (41.7 m2) and the 104% genoa is 453 sq. ft. (42.10 m2).

    2) By moving the mast back the designers have also moved the center of effort of the sail plan farther aft which makes the boat easier to steer because smaller corrections are needed.

    3) By moving the center of effort aft – where the boat has greater beam – form stability can play a greater role in reducing her angle of heel.

    Bottom Shape and Keel Options. The Oceanis 41’s bottom shape makes her easy to push and at the same time allows the bottom to give the vessel a great amount of form stability. Her 7’2″ (2.18 m) optional deep keel allows her to point and her bottom shape makes her fast off the wind.

    Her shoal-draft keel (both are cast iron) is 5’7″ (1.70 m) and of course it is heavier at 5,527 lbs. (2,507 kgs.) than the deep-draft keel at 5,071 lbs. (2,300 kgs.).

    Layout #1 — 2 cabins, 1 head.

    Accommodations Plans

    By making three different accommodation layouts available Beneteau is allowing the Oceanis 41 to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

    Layout #1 is what we would call a pretty conventional layout. Here the port quarter is taken up by a sail locker, something that most people will not need. This space can be used to store water toys and scuba equipment, for example. Headroom in the aft starboard cabin is 6’7″ (1.89 m). The berth is 6’7″ long, by 5’3″ at the head and 4’2″ at the foot (2.00 m x 1.60 m x 1.28 m). It has a private entrance to the head with separate shower stall albeit on the small side. Traditionally, this is the owner’s stateroom.

    The Beneteau Oceanis 41 : This 41 foot yacht. The cockpit in a Seaway. The cockpit offers a lot of room, yet the sail controls are easy to reach for single-handed sailing. Moving from port to starboard winches and wheels is a smooth process because the cockpit is open and uncluttered. A big cockpit sometimes feels too wide-open and unsafe when the boat is moving around in a seaway, but I didn’t feel that way about this boat.

    Because of the decks outboard of the cockpit coamings are wide, the seat backs are well angled, the table is solid, and the steering wheel binnacles are strong, there is plenty to hold onto and brace against. Further, this boat is designed not to heel more than 15-degrees — if she does there is too much sail up.

    Cockpit Layout. The deck arrangement is good — all lines are in the open, nothing is hidden and the lines don’t make too many turns. This minimizes friction and enables proper maintenance and repair. The electronic chart display, in the center of the cockpit, is not easy to see when sitting outboard while steering. The only solution I can think of is to put it on a swivel base, or better yet simply have remote readouts by each wheel.

    Kudos. I like the huge cockpit and open transom/swim platform design, and I would love to charter this boat in the Caribbean or Bahamas. I also like the shallow companionway stairway angle. It should make it much easier to use the stairs while the boat is heeled. This is an important consideration for older sailors.




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