The scattering of cremated remains at sea has been an attractive alternative to other forms of internment for many reasons – affordability, return to nature, love of the everlasting sea, wishes of the deceased, nautical background or experiences, conservation of land space, and other frequently cited reasons for selecting sea scattering for the final disposition of cremated remains.

Yacht Charters Co provides two types of  services:  attended and unattended.

Many families desire our exclusive charter service with a journey from port with family and friends. This sea voyage provides a special opportunity for remembrance and perhaps a special memorial service ceremony.

Cremated ashes scattering in San Francisco provides a unique send-off for that final arc in a loved one’s circle of life. San Francisco and Northern California present a variety of landscapes to create a farewell memorial with dignity, grace, and restful peace. Spread the ashes at the gateway to the Pacific, take a boat with family and friends beyond the Golden Gate and sprinkle the cremated dust over the stern and toss a flower wreath in remembrance. Releasing a person’s ash remains out at sea continues to grow in popularity for its serenity-invoking experience, and with the cost of traditional burials increasing an economic advantage.

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