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Do you like the idea of spending the weekend, holiday, anniversary, birthday or special event on a yacht. Imagine waking up to the sound and crisp smell of the pacific ocean and San Francisco Bay Area. Our yachts are parked in exclusive ports and harbors such as docks & piers in San Francisco, Marin, Oakland,  Jack London Square and top ports in the San Francisco bay area. Yacht bed and breakfasts are bed and breakfasts on yachts and  boats, but people rejoice: most afloat B&Bs remain docked in a harbor, allowing guests the experience of living on a boat but the convenience of being able to walk around the local city harbors, retail shops and restuarants.  Some of the yacht, boat and breakfasts can take you on sunset cruises to really get a taste of life aboard a vessel in or out of the San Francisco Bay Area, but the boats remain parked in no-wake zones overnight. While you may feel gentle rocking, you won’t experience rough waters as you’re trying to sleep. Here is a sampling of some of our B&Bs on boats.

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