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D-backs at Giants

AT&T Park, San Francisco

TUESDAY, 09/25/2012

Pick up at PIER 39 at 6:00 pm Sharp.

Game Starts at 11:00 PM PDT

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Party cruise boat charter to San Francisco ” McCovey Cove” & enjoy Giants baseball game Cruise to San Francisco McCovey Cove for the Giants Baseball Game | Iggy Sky™ SF Bay Area Adventures™

We are having a gathering of faithful Giant’s baseball fans chartering a private sailing yacht. Only 12 people and 1 yacht. 5-6 hours of yacht-tailgating to McCovey Cove to set anchor for a time of fun, exhilarating adventure & an amazing baseball event. On the menu is delicious tri tip smoke steak, chily beans, salad, garlic bread and savory libations while watching the game on a big 16:9 color flat screen TV on the boat. The Party event will commence at Pier 39 on a round trip cruise via a picturesque 45-minute boat charter to AT&T Park along San Francisco’s dramatic waterfront and on to McCovey Cove. GO GIANTS ! On Board we have a LCD display to watch the game at your Liesure or just party outside with the rest of us. Cost of Giants Game Ticket is not included.

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